CAPTURING NATURE'S PORTRAIT IS ELUSIVE WORK, revealing one moment the delicately fading shades of autumnal evening, the next - the vivid brightness of spring flowers and fresh rain. From leaves to lakes, hats to hyacinths, Patricia Stanton has captured the moody magic of natural photography with simple beauty and the "eye of an artist".

There is a distinctive movement in her work, indicating a feeling for a wide variety of subjects, from macro shots of flowers, multi-image clusters, architectural nooks and crannies, to broad, sweeping landscapes. Limiting herself to one style or subject would restrict the wonderful freedom of expression one can experience through the camera - "it flows, it sings, it soars, it dances, it as rhythm and harmony" - many of the elements she found in music through the years.

Patricia spent most of her adult life in Southern California. She was the "original Sunday driver" escaping the city at every chance, to take in the sights, the smells, the moods of the mountains, the desert or the ocean. She says she has always been a "pictorial person" looking at the pictures in a book before reading the print.

For 27 years, music dominated Patricia's life. Through the years she has performed as soprano soloist in various oratorio and opera productions and with professional choral groups. Her life was filled with the pursuit of excellence in music until she began to have this wonderful affair with photography. She often relates the gift and joy of photography to her musical experience, saying that photography is even more gratifying; it lasts longer and seems to reach a larger audience because of its tangibility.

Patricia is mostly self-taught, preferring to read, and experiment with many new techniques she encounters. An early mentor stirred the fires of Patricia's imagination toward the abstract in photography with soft focus images. She finds tremendous excitement in the versatility of the camera. When she looks at a flower or a landscape to photograph, her natural instinct for exciting shapes, patters, color and design are all present. Many people have remarked about the Zen/spiritual, sometimes haunting quality of Pat's work. There is a simplicity, a fluidity, a sense of peacefulness evinced in her work. She never "learned" the laws of placement on a page, preferring to be led by emotion for the scene in the view finder. Of her ability to "see things as an artist" she says, it is a gift, just as her voice is a gift. Unlike many artists who are never satisfied with their work, Patricia is often delighted with an image and hard pressed to name a "favorite". She feels she is only one instrument through which a beautiful image is borne - that some sort of "magic" went on after the shutter clicked, and that the film and the light and the technology of the camera were all working in harmony to create the end result.

Her gift of sight, accompanied by tremendous energy and passion for capturing beauty in all forms, have led her to devote every waking hour to some aspect of the medium since she discovered her affinity for it in 1983.

Today her photographs hang in numerous corporate collections and business offices as well as in hundreds of private homes in the U.S. and Europe. She has formed her own company which includes a successful line of photographic greeting/note cards; has won numerous awards and ribbons; and has had several solo exhibitions in corporate offices and galleries. She also continues to exhibit her work at art festivals in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado.


Patricia Stanton
1225 Vienna Drive, #243
Sunnyvale CA 94087



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